Product Lines, Spare Parts & Specialities

Pressure Control Systems stock and supply a wide range of product lines, spare parts and speciality lines.

  • Gate Valve Spare Parts
    Cameron, Shaffer, OCT, Quality Valve Flocon, Vetco & WKM
  • Gate Valves, Remanufactured
  • Chokes & Spare Parts
    Cameron, FMC, Best, Flocon, Thornhill-Craver, Swaco, CIW Drilling Stroke
  • Drilling Chokes & Replacement Parts
    CIW, Swaco, Schooner, Thornhill-Craver, J2 Transmitters, Pump Stroke Counters
  • Check Valves & Replacement Parts
    Type R, Type MS
  • Kelly Valve Spare Parts
    TIW, OMSCO, Hydril
  • Accumulator, Closing Unit & Test Unit
    Kloomey Type 80, NL Shaffer, Flocon Spare Parts
  • Tees & Crosses
    Studded, Flanged, Weld End & Target
  • Clamp Hubs & Clamps
    CIW & API, Gray Lock Hubs, Seal Rings
  • Remanufactured Blow Out Preventers
    CIW, Shaffer & Hydril
  • High Pressure Implementation Valves
    Redbridge (Flowmat)
  • Blow Out Preventer, Replacement Parts
    CIW, Shaffer & Hydril
  • Flanges & Clamp Hubs
    Blind, Weld Neck, Companion & Target
  • Manifolds
    Well Test, Flow Back, Choke & Kill
  • Cup Testers
    CIW Style Type F
  • Double Studded Adapters
  • Varco Replacement Parts
    27-HDP Drive Bushing Complete Spare Parts and Roller Assemblies. Spinning Wrench Spare Parts, Master Bushings & Insert Bowls
  • Spools
    Drilling, Spacer, Crossover & Riser Spools
  • Test Plugs
    Wear Bushings, Combination Test Plug & Running Tools, Locking Flanges
  • Wellhead Equipment
    Complete, Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Services
  • Back Pressure Vales

Statement of Quality for Replacement Parts

Pressure Control Systems supply replacement parts for the following equipment:

  • Cameron Iron Works (BOPs Gate Valves, H2 Chokes and Drilling Chokes)
  • NL Shaffer (Gate Vales and BOPs)
  • Swaco Super Chokes

Pressure Control Systems gives a one year warranty on all replacement parts, which covers materials. All parts are guaranteed to interchange completely with the corresponding OEM Parts.

Pressure Control Systems has a policy of supplying the highest quality parts that equal OEM parts. All equipment and spares supplied are manufactured to meet the requirements of API specifications NACE MR-01-75 and/or OEM specifications.