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Pressure Control Systems UK and Africa

Products & Services PCS supply

Products Include:

  • API Monogrammed Topside & Subsea Gate Valves, Check Valves, Chokes & Spare Parts.
  • Major Blowout Preventers, All Spares & Elastomers.
  • BOP Control Systems Equipment, Servi Fluid Power (USA Manufacturer) Accumulator Bottles & All Koomey Type Spares.
  • Supply of Used/Refurbished BOPs, Connectors, Valves, Risers etc.
  • Packard (USA Manufacturer) Cup Testers, IBOPs, DICVs, Kelly Valves & Top Drive Valves.
  • Sayatva (US Based Valve Technology) Gate, Check & Choke Valves including HPHT Upstream Sealing Valves with no Elastomers and Metal-to-Metal Sealing (minimal grease washout and no pressure in Body Cavity or Stem Packing). We can also offer these Valves BV / DNV OS-E101 Certified.
  • API 20E Monogram Bolting and API 20C Certified Forge Shop.
  • Mud / Centrifugal & All Makes of Triplex Pumps / Spares.
  • Phoenix Subsea/Topside, Diverter, Riser & Motion Compensator Ball Valves (Floating & Trunnion), Check & UBD Valves.
  • Vetco / Regan Type Diverter – Packers & All Elastomers.
  • Cameron & Vetco Type – Slip Joint & Riser – Packers & Seals.
  • Hammer Lug Unions, Crossovers & Seals.


All above equipment supplied is manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of API Specification, NACE MR-0175 and/or OEM Specifications.


Services Include:

  • On-site (Onshore and Offshore) Valve Inspection, Service Work and Surveys carried out by a fully qualified, time-served Valve Technician.


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